Definition: God.
I. Common Semitic basic form *ɔil-, god. 1a. Azazel, from Hebrew căzāɔzēl, perhaps corrupt for căzaz-ɔēl, God has been strong (personal name); b. bethel, from Hebrew bêt ɔēl, house of God; c. Daniel, from Hebrew dānīɔēl, dānīyēɔl, my judge (is) God (alternatively, God has judged); d. Ezekiel, from Hebrew yǝḥezqēɔl, God has strengthened; e. Gabriel, from Hebrew gabrîɔēl, my strong one (is) God (see gpr); f. Ishmael, from Hebrew yišmācēɔl, God has heard (see šm-2); g. Israel, from Hebrew yiśrāɔēl, God has striven, God has saved; h. Joel, from Hebrew ɔēl, Yahweh (is) God; i. Michael, from Hebrew mîkāɔēl, who (is) like God?; j. Nathanael, from Hebrew nǝtanɔēl, God has given (see ntn); k. Raphael, from Hebrew rǝpāɔēl, God has healed (rǝpāɔ, he has healed; see rp-2); l. Samuel, from Hebrew šǝmûɔēl, name of God (alternatively, the name (is) God; see šm-1); m. schlemiel, perhaps from Hebrew personal name šǝlūmîɔēl, my well-being (is) God. a–m all from Hebrew ɔēl, God; n. Elijah, from Hebrew ɔēlîyāhû, my God (is) Yahweh, from ɔēlî, my God, from ɔēl (see above) + -î, my; o. Elisha, from Hebrew ɔĕlîšāc, God (is) salvation, from ɔĕl, shortened form of ɔēl, God (see above; -îšāc, salvation; see wṯ); p. Elizabeth, from Hebrew ɔĕlîšebac, my God (is) an oath, from ɔĕlî, reduced form of ɔēlî, my God (see above; -šebac, oath; see šb); q. Lazarus, from Hebrew ɔelcāzār, God has helped, from ɔel, reduced form of ɔēl, God (see above; cāzār, he has helped; see ḏr). 2a. Babylon, from Akkadian bāb ili, gate of the god, from ilu, god; b. Babel, from Hebrew bābel, from Akkadian bāb ili, Babylon (see above). 3. Enlil, from Sumerian refashioning of Semitic *ɔilil, probably «god of gods,» reduplication of *ɔil-.
II. Central Semitic extended form ɔilāh-, god. 1. Elohim, from Hebrew ɔĕlōhîm, God, plural (used as singular) of ɔĕlōah, god. 2a. Allah, from Arabic allāh, the god, God, from al-, the + ɔilāh, god; b. ayatollah, from Arabic ɔāyatu llāh, sign of God; c. Bahaullah, from Arabic bahāɔu llāh, splendor of God; d. olé, from Spanish, perhaps from Arabic wa-llāh, by God!. b–d all from Arabic llāh, elided form of allāh (see above).

The American Heritage dictionary of the English language. 2015.

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